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Business conditions.

Basic delivery, payment and complaint conditions.

I. The Seller.

H.P. servis hydraulika s.r.o.
ID: 26944413 TRN: CZ26944413

II. Business conditions validity.

The business conditions are valid as per 1st Nov 2007.

III. Order and conclusion of purchase contract.

Purchase contract in the sense of Section 409 of Act no. 513/1991 Coll. arises on the basis of an order from the client. The Client shall submit the order to the Seller in writing. If agreed, it is also possible to submit orders via telephone. 
The order must contain these basic requirements: 
- name of the Client’s company, place of business of the Client
- ID and TRN, if the Client is registered as a VAT payer
- description of the ordered product which unambiguously defines it
- the amount of required pieces
- company, name and signature of the Client’s authorized representative
The Client has the right to cancel their order before its binding confirmation

IV. Price and payment terms.

1. Purchase price stated in the purchase contract shall be based on the seller’s valid pricelist.

2. Payment terms.
The Client’s payments for delivery of goods shall be carried out as follows:
- payments on the basis of an invoice with a set maturity
- payments in cash (including cash on delivery)
- advance payments on the basis of an advance invoice
The Seller has the right to request payment of the purchase price or its part in advance in case that:
- the Client has other than usual demands
- the Client does not repeatedly pay within the due date
Should the Client fail to pay the invoice by the due date, they will be charged a penalty equalling 0,05 % of the amount due per each due day.
The ownership shall be transferred to the Client once the purchase price has been paid. The Client takes cognizance that in case they fail to pay the purchase price duly and timely, they may not legally or physically dispose of the unpaid goods.

V. Delivery of goods.

Pursuant to Section 412 of the Commercial Code and in conformity with purchase contract:
1. The Seller shall deliver goods to the place of destination using their own transport or via a public hauler.
2. The Client shall organize transportation of goods from the warehouse themselves at their own expenses.

VI. Documents concerning the goods.

The Seller is obliged to deliver the goods, hand over the documentation which relates to the goods and enable the Client to obtain ownership rights to the goods in conformity with the contract and legal regulations.

VII. Takeover of the goods and its faults.

1. The Seller shall deliver documents which are necessary for the performance of quantity and quality inspection to the Client together with the goods.
2. The Client is obliged to perform an inspection of the goods at the takeover using professional care and inform the Seller about faults which are apparently discoverable during takeover of the goods from the Seller or the hauler. Should the Client fail to report the faults which could have been discovered during such inspection, their right to claim these faults shall expire.
3. If an aggregate repaired upon order is not collected by the customer within the first calendar year after they have been notified that the repair has been completed, it shall become the property of the company.

VIII. Guarantee and complaint conditions.

1. The Seller shall guarantee to the Client that the goods has properties usual for this kind of goods and that it is suitable for the given purpose.
2. The guarantee shall not apply to faults caused by improper storing, incompetent handling,
non-professional assembly and mechanical damage caused after the takeover of goods.
3. The guarantee period for repaired goods shall be six months and it shall start running on the day of delivery. Guarantee period for new products shall be specified in the guarantee certificate.
4. The condition for recognition of the guarantee is expertly performed installation of the aggregate.
5. The complaint must be lodged immediately after the fault has been discovered.
6. Conditions for complaint:
- the document for complaint shall be the tax document issued during the purchase of goods.
- marking of goods or contract under complaint.
- description of the fault under complaint or its scope.
- intactness of the seals at the goods under complaint.
- overdue goods which has not been paid for is the property of the company and cannot be claimed.
7. The justness of a complaint shall be assessed by an appointed employee.
8. A protocol containing the following data shall be kept about the complaint procedure:
- marking of goods or contract under complaint.
- description of the fault under complaint or its scope.
- the outcome of the complaint procedure (recognition or dismissal of the complaint).
- date and signature of the employee who deals with the complaint.
9. In case the claim is justified, it shall be settled for free.

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